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Breaded Calamari

• Premium quality Japanese Flying Squid (Todarodes pacificus)
• Lightly dusted to perform like hand-breaded calamari
• Individually quick frozen for easy handling
• Minimal prep time – just fry and serve
• Fully cleaned
• Available in 4 oz. Portion Packs
• Wild-caught - Product of China

7225Breaded Calamari, Rings Only, IQF, Todarodes, China2/ 5 lb
7226Breaded Calamari, Rings Only, 4 oz. Portion Packs, IQF, Todarodes, China40/ 4 oz
7227Breaded Calamari, Rings & Tentacles, IQF, Todarodes, China2/ 5 lb
7228Breaded Calamari, Rings & Tentacles, 4 oz. Portion Packs, IQF, Todarodes, China40/ 4 oz


Just fry and serve. Can be pan fried or deep fried. Pre-breaded calamari needs only about 1 minute of cook time at 350° F in a deep fryer. Overcooking toughens the calamari.


Our Breaded Calamari is part of a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) recognized by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

and Sustainability

PanaPesca USA has made a commitment to ensuring our
products are procured in an environmentally conscious,
socially responsible, safe, and sustainable way.


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