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Baby Clams - In Shell

• All natural Baby Clams (Ruditapes philippinarum)
• Premium quality
• Vacuum packed to retain natural juice and fresh taste
• Sand free – baby clams are purged before packing
• 100% yield – no broken or unusable baby clams to discard
• Fully cooked, just reheat from the frozen state
• Year round availability, stable pricing
• Farm-raised - Product of China

9040Baby Clams, 40-60 ct/lb, Fully Cooked, VacPack, Frozen, China20/ 8 oz


Simply reheat the clams directly from the frozen state. The clams can be boiled or steamed inside the bag, or steamed or sautéed out of the bag. Reheat clams for approximately 8-10 minutes and they will open just as if they had been prepared from the fresh state.


Farm-raised Baby Clams are rated as a ‘Best Choice’ for sustainable seafood by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch for their well-managed production process and low impact on surrounding ecosystems.

and Sustainability

PanaPesca USA has made a commitment to ensuring our
products are procured in an environmentally conscious,
socially responsible, safe, and sustainable way.


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